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Develop incredibly deep focus.

Winner of the US National Science Foundation Education Award

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    We scan your learning content and automatically create numerous interactive quizzes using artificial intelligence.

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    It is so hard to focus with so many distractions. Frequent quizzes help you focus and retain knowledge.

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    Sign up (free trial!). Upload your content to DialedIn. In 5 minutes, we will embed 100s of interactive quizzes in your content.

What our users say about DialedIn.
  • "DialedIn is a quantum leap"
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What problem does DialedIn solve for students?

Most students just struggle quietly to stay engaged in classrooms and afterward.

Many others have accepted the disengagement as the norm.

DialedIn remedies this without asking much from students.

How does a student get started on DialedIn?

You can use DialedIn with or without a teacher. In class or at home.

Upload your learning content (e.g., a presentation) on DialedIn.

Browse through your learning content on DialedIn.

Use the 1-click tools to bring up instant pop quizzes, create flashcards, or perform quick retention checks.

We typically create 100 quizzes in 5 minutes for a 25-slide presentation!

Share your learning content with other students to unlock more quizzes and more flashcards.

Our product suite

Perform ultra fast self-assessments with our one-click checks. These help both short-term knowledge registration and long-term knowledge recall.

Quiz Me

Our AI techniques scan your learning material to automatically create numerous interactive quizzes called

Students can start, with a single click, a on any slide.

The simple 's keep you focused throughout a learning session, whether in class or home.

You can perform these "did it stick?" self-checks as frequently as every minute.

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    This is how you study today without DialedIn's
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    See the difference made by studying with DialedIn's
Spot Light
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  • Busy, tired or lazyish?

    provides quick knowledge retention checks by highlighting keyphrases.

    Great for students like busy medical residents and tired middle schoolers.

In A Flash Card
  • Students love flashcards but it is tedious to create them.

    Now you can create, with a single click, an from the contents on your screen.

    No more copying content to flashcard apps or websites.

    Long-term retention, in 1 click.

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The DialedIn team is all dialed in.

Our team has many decades of experience in the education domain, and has struggled with, and seen first-hand, the problems caused by low levels of student engagement with the teachers and the learning materials. We know that learning happens through active engagement. However, the current processes of creating assessments and quizzes, which are important aspects of active engagement, are time-consuming and tedious. Consequently, they are not done with the frequency that is optimal for effective learning.

We are in the perfect position to solve the above problem because, in addition to being educators, we are also software engineers and data scientists with decades of experience in big data and machine learning. We have created an ML-based solution to fix the problems of student engagement and knowledge retention. With our application, teachers can engage students without superfluous or distracting showmanship.

DialedIn's founder, Dr. Shoukat Ali, has a unique mix of practical and scholarly activities in machine learning, big data, and academia. He has taught at Purdue, Missouri S&T, and UC Davis. He also worked at some of the largest graph problems in industry at Intel and IBM Research before moving to Elastica in Silicon Valley where he led the data science team in various machine learning problems in the context of cloud security. In this process he has picked up numerous teaching awards and patents.

DialedIn's CTO, Amir Naqib, has deep experience in software architecture and building infrastructure for high availability and high volume web applications. Shoukat and Amir have known each other since 1991 when they started college together, both majoring in computer engineering.

The company has built a team of committed advisors for shaping the company’s strategy and building connections. These advisors include Dr. John Morrison, Dr. Rolf Riesen, and Dr. Laura Mazer. John has taught for more than 25 years at University College Cork, and was given the Outstanding Lecturer Award in 2014 and President's Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2004. In addition, he has won and managed more than 25 Million euro in research funding. Rolf is the lead architect for the multi operating system (mOS) project at Intel, and has twenty five years of experience in rigorous scientific exchange during a career that spans Sandia National Laboratories, IBM Research and Intel. Laura is a surgical resident at Stanford University, has completed a two-year Surgical Education Fellowship during her residency training, and advises company on the educational issues that residents and medical students face.