Welcome to DialedIn

An Electronic Subconscious For Lifelong Learning

DialedIn is a framework that supports interactive learning through a network of intelligent personal assistants that shadow a learning community and interact to enhance both the individual and the group learning experience. It is unique because it works with existing practices and faculty constraints. Nevertheless, it gives educators unprecedented visibility into learners’ interactions with content using a powerful forensics interface. This vast amount of interaction data is analyzed using ML algorithms to implement autonomous educational interventions that seamlessly adopt some of the major burdens of faculty and learners.

DialedIn recently won a competitive National Science Foundation grant (less than 9% acceptance rate) in the area of educational technologies. This grant is awarded by a mixed panel of seasoned tech innovators and academics, is non-dilutive and given only for work that NSF believes is cutting edge and disruptive.

Effortless Extensive Feedback

Teaching ecosystems evolve too slowly with the current end of semester feedback. We allow you to give effortless, frequent and high-resolution feedback with auto-context specification, and process that through data science to build your unique learning profiles.

Meet Your e‑Conscious

We believe that if something is worth teaching, it is worth retaining. We pair you with an e-Conscious that is just like your subconscious, except that it is dedicated to educational content and is maintained in the DialedIn servers. The best part is that our data science engine automatically resurfaces content from e-Conscious to your conscious mind from time to time. This keeps your knowledge retention levels high by auto-refreshing durable content.

Peer-to-Peer Frontier

How far could your learners go with safe real-time context-aware discussions with peers and fine-grain specific sharing of class content? We make peer-to-peer learning effortless by taking care of the details so that it is systematic, formalized and, most of all, a rewarding experience.

Personalization Workstation

DialedIn builds an active learning platform for personalized education. The drivers of this mechanism are the students themselves. Our system engages them in generating new content that is channeled into a broad knowledge graph that explores, expands and organizes the class content, creating learning pathways for everyone. This system goes well beyond the current state of art that personalizes medium, time, place and pace of learning.

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